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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Top 3 free running 3D Mobile games

Here is our list of top 3 free running 3D games for Mobile.

1. Subway Surfers

This is a game about running on subway tracks while being chased down by a security guard and his dog. The more you run and the more you collect coins, the more points you get. Obstacles involve parked and oncoming trains; if you hit one, the security guard catches you and it's game over for you. You can save yourself with "keys" which are rarely found while running and you can purchase them alternatively from the store for real money.

Various power ups like jetpack, snickers, etc. make this game exciting.
 The score multiplier increases up to 30x upon completing challenging tasks.

2. Temple Run 2

Second version of the supper hit 3D game Temple Run. Quite similar to Subway Surfers, the more you run and collect coins, the more points you get. A wild monkey chases you who will catch you if you hit something. Obstacles  include half complete bridges, rocks, waterways, etc. The sound effects, the monkey and the textures introduce an element of thrill. Gems are rarely found while running which can be used to continue the run when caught by a monkey and can also be purchased from the store. 

The score multiplier increases upon completion of challenges. 

3. Street Skater 3D

A slight mismatch with the title of this post, this game is not about free running but is about skating. The concept however remains the same. Instead of running, you travel using a skateboard. Cars, rocks, blocks, etc. will be encountered as obstacles. 

You need to collect coins in order to score more. A leader board features in the game which lets you compete with player all around the globe.


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