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Friday, December 05, 2014

Get rid of WhatsApp blue ticks without disabling Read receipts

Early November, WhatsApp introduced an interesting update. Previously, users could know when a person was last seen using WhatsApp, whether a message was sent (single tick) and whether a message was delivered (double ticks). With the new update, a user can tell if a particular message is read, indicated by double blue ticks also known as Read receipts. For some it could be extremely bothersome; there has even been a report of a Saudi man divorcing his wife for ignoring his WhatsApp messages.

Late November, WhatsApp introduced another update which allows users to disable the Read receipts option from Settings -> Account -> Privacy; that is, the sender will not know if a message has been read by a user who has disabled Read receiptsHowever, there is a drawback - the user who disables Read receipts will not know if his/her messages are read by the recipients (regardless of whether or not the recipient has disabled the Read receipts option). This update is not yet available through the stores, you will have to manually download the latest version from WhatsApp website.

I have found a way which will enable you to read a message and the sender will not see Blue Ticks against that message, all this without disabling the Read receipts option. Better yet, you will still be able to see blue ticks against your messages whenever your recipients read them unless they have disabled Read receipts on their phone. Here is what you have to do when you receive a new message notification:

Step 1: Turn off Mobile Data/Wi-Fi

Step 2: Open WhatsApp

Step 3: Go to the desired conversation

Step 4: Long-press and delete those newly received messages which you want the sender to see as unread (without blue ticks). You can even delete the entire conversation after reading the messages but this will not work for group chat as you will end up exiting the group. Then turn on Mobile Data/Wi-Fi and continue using WhatsApp as normal.


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