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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Rich Text Formatting on Whatsapp

Rich text formatting (RTF) like feature has been rolled out on the latest version of WhatsApp for android. The version we tried was v2.16.57. Rich text formatting was never expected but in the end, it happens to be a nice surprise by WhatsApp. Those wondering - How to make bold, italics and strikethrough on WhatsApp? Look no further.

As of now, only bold, italics and strikethrough are supported. It is even possible to use a combination.

Make sure you have the updated version of WhatsApp and try out the following things:

1. Bold:

In order to make text bold, enclose it between Asterisk (*) symbol. Eg. *xyz*

2. Italics

In order to make text italics, enclose it between Underscore (_) symbol. Eg. _xyz_

3. Strikethrough 

In order to Strikethrough text, enclose it between Tilt (~) symbol. Eg. ~xyz~

It is possible to use a combination of bold, italics and strikethrough together.

Nest a symbol pair with another symbol pair. Eg: ~_*xyz*_~

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