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Monday, May 14, 2018

Run Android Games and Apps on PC

Want to play your favorite Android games on PC? Or use your favorite messenger app on PC? Well, there are more than one ways to do so. Mobile games are great but some times a small screen is just not suited for certain games and some apps would be better off with a full fledged hardware keyboard. Whatever your reasons are, here are my top methods of running Android Apps/Games on a PC.

Bluestacks App Player

Bluestacks App Player is an Android Emulator which runs Android Apps in a simulated environment. It has full Google Play Store support, a login into your Google Account will be required in order to use Play Store. You can seamlessly transfer files between your PC and Bluestacks Player, use mock locations and even simulate shake and device rotation. It is a great software for playing android games. The only downside is that it is just a touch slower.

Android OS in a Virtual Machine

This method is a little more efficient than the previous one but needs some work done, requires basic knowledge of installing an OS inside a virtual machine. First, you need to get a virtualization software - either VirtualBox or VMWare Player. I prefer VMWare Player. Then download an installation file of Android OS and install the OS inside VMWare or VirtualBox. Android-x86 is an unofficial port of Android OS for x86 based systems. It is good but very stock in nature. Another port is Remix OS by Jide Software.

Remix OS Desktop

Remix OS is a desktop like Android OS. Has a desktop, taskbar, start like button, etc. It is my preferred choice of running android apps on a PC. I have run apps like WhatsApp, imo, kik, etc. Have also played games like Temple Run, Clash of Kings, Angry Birds, etc. without any problems. 

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